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Asia Memory Sports Alliance (used to known as Asia Memory Sports Council) is an independent organization which aims to promote the benefits of memory sports in Asia. AMSA consists of memory sports associations in different Asia nations, including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

Memory Sports

Provide challenges unlike any other sports

Mnemonics Training

Push your memory limit likes never before

Memory Competiton

Challenges the world class athletes

Memory Sports

Unlike any other sports, memory sports many times may not appealing to the general audience. However, what's really going on in each of the memory athletes' minds are truly amazing.

This is a sport for all ages, genders, races. This is a sport that can help students to improve their study and help professionals to improve their work.

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About AMSA

The AMSA mission is to provide a globally unified platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit.

AMSA is a member of the Global Alliance of Athletics.