Teo Kim Foo

about me

Teo Kim Foo - Class 2 Arbiter -

Kim Foo has been a long time supporter to the Asia Memory Sports Council.

He got the 1st prize in Malaysia Mind competition 2014. He is also the founder of Brilliance Brain Enterprise, which provides various memory techniques course, workshop and knowledge of memory as well as to the development of human memory power and promote memory skills and power can be enhanced through proper learning and training.

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  • Asia Memory Championship 2015
  • Hong Kong Open Memory Championship 2015
  • Malaysia Open Memory Championship 2016
  • Taiwan Open Memory Championship 2015
  • Singapore Open Memory Championship 2014
  • World Memory Championship 2015

About us

Our mission is to provide a platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit, to promote the benefits of practicing mnemonics techniques, and to get to know memory enthusiasts around the world.

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