ABD Memory Training Center

ABD Memory Training Center was founded by Anne Bernadette Coach AB Bonita, an International Memory Enhancement Speaker and now the country’s leading Memory Sports Instructor. The center promotes healthier mind and sharper memory to help boost-up an individual’s performance and teach people how to gain a competitive advantage through the practical use of different Memory Systems and Techniques that athletes use in mind sport competitions.

ABD's Accelerated Learning and Intense Memory Enhancement Workshop aims to help people unlock their brain’s full potential that they never thought of initially having.The workshop’s simple yet effective techniques will not only help improve memory, but also the focus, comprehension, imagination, creativity and learning efficiency of those who will complete the course, which will definitely to greater productivity. Among its vision is to continue develop world class Mentathletes and to revolutionize the way of learning to make it more fun and enjoyable as compared to traditional studying, while being able to store information at larger quantities in a shorter period of time.

ABD has produced several class valedictorians, academic excellence awardees and board exam passers. Moreover, the center has conducted memory enhancement seminars/workshops across the country and has coached several professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Deans, Company Executives, and International Mind Sports Champions. Its coaches and students have also been featured prominently on various media channels, including interviews on major television networks, newspapers and online articles.

ABD’s office is located at Caloocan City, Metro Manila, but is also offering workshops and online courses for those living outside Manila. To know more about our activities or for inquiries about our programs, you can visit our Social Media Page and send us a message: https://www.facebook.com/acceleratedbrain

About us

Our mission is to provide a platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit, to promote the benefits of practicing mnemonics techniques, and to get to know memory enthusiasts around the world.

AMSC/AMSA is a member of the Global Alliance of Memory Athletics.