Memory Practitioner

AMSA Memory Practitioner program is designed for memory sports beginners to gradually improve themselves to a professional level. The examination can be taken in any of the AMSC certified centres under the supervision of AMSA certified arbiters or in any of the AMSA short competitions.

5 Min Cards 5 Min Numbers 5 Min Words
Level 1 26 cards 40 digits 20 words
Level 2 52 cards 60 digits 25 words
Level 3 4 min 80 digits 30 words
Level 4 3.5 min 100 digits 35 words
Level 5 3 min 120 digits 40 words
Level 6 2.5 min 140 digits 45 words

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About AMSA

The AMSA mission is to provide a globally unified platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit.

AMSA is not affiliated to any organization.