Indonesia Memory Championship 2014 was a national competition which held in Kompas Gramedia Ballroom, Palmerah Barat, Jakarta on November 1, 2014. The competition was held by Indonesia Memory Sports Association (IMSA).

The overall champion was Fakhri Shafly Erlangga (Junior Division) from Jakarta, while the runner up and second runner up respectively were Qonita Riyadie (Junior Division) from Sangatta and Dominic Brian (Adult Division) from Bali.

“Winners Never Quit, Quitters never win”

Yudi Lesmana (IDMSC)

The Grand Prizes for the competition was a trip to Hainan,China, to attend the WMSC World Memory Championship 2014 on December 7-14, 2014 as the Indonesian representatives. The competitors who got the chance were 1st and 2nd overall champion and the 1st place in Kids Division. They were Fakhri Shafly Erlangga (14 years old), Qonita Fitriannisa Riyadie (16 years old), and M.Dzakiendra (11 years old). The result of the competition can be found here.


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