56 athletes including kids, juniors and adults competed in Mongolian Memory Championship 2017 with 10 natianol standart memory disciplines.

5 IGM (International Grandmaster of Memory), 1 GMM (Grand Master of Memory), 6 IMM(International Master of Memory) participated in our event and made our event more competitive. The competition took 2 days in Mongolia-Japan Centre, Ulaanbaatar. In kids category Hangal B. (3969 points), junior category Lkhagvadulam E.(7453 points), adult category Munkhshur N. (7390 points) has won and recieved the trophies. In overall score, Lkhagvadulam E. won the National Champion title and ranked 1st in Asia, 5th in the world ranking. Mongolian twin duos, Munkhsur N. and Enkhshur N., became runner-up and second-runnep-up in our event.

3 world records have been broken by IMM Lkhagvadulam E. in 10 minute cards (493 cards), IGM Enkhshur N. in binary digits (1125 digits) and Munkhur N. in random images (297 images) during the Mongolian Memory Champioship 2017.


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