Malaysia Memory Championship 2019 will be held on 1-2 June. The venue is in Fairview International School in Johor.

The 10 Events / Memory Disciplines that players will be competing against each other are as follows:

1. 5 Minute Names and Faces
2. 5 Minute Binary Numbers
3. 5 Minute Random Words
4. 5 Minute Random Images
5. 5 Minute Historic Dates
6. 5 Minute Speed Numbers (two trials)
7. 10 Minute Playing Cards
8. 15 Minute Marathon Numbers
9. Spoken Numbers (two trials, 100 & 400)
10. 5 Minute Speed Cards (two trials)


About us

Our mission is to provide a platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit, to promote the benefits of practicing mnemonics techniques, and to get to know memory enthusiasts around the world.

AMSC/AMSA is a member of the Global Alliance of Memory Athletics.