It is an open event that follows the IAM and AMSA National standard. This will be a two-day event. This championship will be held for two days on 10/14 and 10/15, 2017 at Taoyuan city of Taiwan. No.100,Taimao 1st St.,Zhongli Dist.,Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan

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Accommodation information
1. Jhongli-Fullon Hotel
2. Chungli Business Hotel
3. Ryhan Hotel
4. Chang Ti Metropolis Commercial Hotel
5. Beethoven Express Hotel


About us

Our mission is to provide a platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit, to promote the benefits of practicing mnemonics techniques, and to get to know memory enthusiasts around the world.

AMSC/AMSA is a member of the Global Alliance of Memory Athletics.