AMSA Grandmaster program is designed for memory sports enthusiasts to gradually move up to the world-class level. The performance from any AMSA recognized competition will be used as an evaluation for the grandmaster program.

AMSA also considers the results from other competitions such as WMSC WMC1991 to WMSC WMC2015. If you would like to know your past performance can be used for our program now, please feel free to contact us

Grandmaster of Memory

DanSpeed Cards (sec)Random Cards (deck)Random Numbers (digit)Random Words (word)Points
11206 (30m)600 (30m)503000
2907 (30m)700 (30m)603500
3608 (30m)800 (30m)704000
4509 (30m)900 (30m)804500
54510 (30m)1000 (30m)1005000
64011 (30m)1100 (30m)1205500
73512 (30m)1200 (30m)1406000
83014 (30m)1400 (30m)1607000
92516 (30m)1600 (30m)1808000

Click here for the AMSA GM Certificate sample.