Our Team

Andy FongPresidentHong Kong, China
Angel LaiGeneral SecretaryHong Kong, China
Foluxs MaDirectorHong Kong, China
Yudi LesmanaVP in EducationIndonesia
Wellon ChouVP in Public RelationsSingapore
Vincent ChinVP in OperationMalaysia
Nie DongdongHigher Education Development OfficerChina
Duncan MaGeneral OfficerHong Kong, China
Voila LeungSecretaryHong Kong, China
Kranthi RajGeneral OfficerIndia
Takeru AokiGeneral OfficerJapan
Gyewon JeongGeneral OfficerKorea
Dr. Kay FungGeneral OfficerMacau
Khatanbaatar KhandsurenConsultantMongoliaia
Baasandorj BattulgaGeneral OfficerMongolia
AB BonitaGeneral OfficerPhilippines
Eric WangGeneral OfficerTaiwan
Mai Tường VânLocal ContactVietnam

About us

Our mission is to provide a platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit, to promote the benefits of practicing mnemonics techniques, and to get to know memory enthusiasts around the world.

AMSC/AMSA is a member of the Global Alliance of Memory Athletics.